Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Lich State :Vampirism / Lichdom theory / Necromancy

The Lich State
This is something I have dabbled with over the last few years, a practice and a theory on achieving the necromantic lich state. This is also comparing the necromantic lich state with traditional vampirism and reason why vampires of history could have been necromancers that have reached this fabled state of despair.
Life forms in this dimension function on prana. It is life-force in general. Prana to me seems to originate from the sun and looks like golden squiggly sperm. These prana give people, trees, animals their energy. This explains why things grow tired at night, because the prana has been limited “although not completely stopped”.
Chakra and meridian energy healers practice their art by focusing this prana into the body and into the parts of the body needing extra attention. Now with that logic in mind it is possible to reverse this flow and push prana out of your body as well. Not only is it possible to expel it I have found an alternative that exist that as far as I know is not named but in essence is death energy.
This energy seams to be small dark balls in black or purple shape. Now if one was to expel their prana, and to focus on this for long enough time, and to supplement their bodies slowly with this dark alternative, what would happen? If you expelled to much and took in to much dark energy would you not be able to accept the prana from the light anymore? If this is so then this describes vampirism, and shows that they are actually beings that achieved the lich form. If they were to of shut of there prana intake for long enough time I believe they would not be able to turn it back on, nor would they probably want to after noticing the benefits to their craft.
So by expelling your prana without taking in this death energy I believe one would simply die. But if slowly transfused with this death energy, one may live closer to what is called the lich state. This is the thin line between life and death where commune with other realities becomes more possible. Also the most important reason to achieve this state is that it is believed that when a person dies their memories are nearly completely destroyed when they leave their body. By becoming closer to death there memories are preserved and man becomes something beyond the living and the dead.
One obvious side affect will be that you become physically weaker without prana. Since a lich is no longer able to absorb prana for this strength what are they to do? What if they absorbed the prana through a vessel that has already absorbed it into their energy? Yes that’s right, by sucking their blood, eating their flesh, they can absorb some of the prana that normally they can not. This explains not only blood sucking vampires but things like the legends of zombies wanting to eat flesh. Now using this same theory one can harm other people by sucking their prana out from a distance, which is filtered but would be less potent as blood.
So I have experimented with this for years now, and it essential to my practice. I have not been so bold to go all the way, for failure is almost 100% and if that happens, you die. I will one day try it. But I have come somewhat close and here are the two biggest positive and negative factors that I have achieved.
Negative - You will get sick, very sick. You may die.
Positive - Commune with spirit, especially the dead becomes easier.
There is a lot more information that can be put into this topic, and a lot to discover. I plan to research this further till death or beyond. I believe this is the core to opening up a true necromantic path.

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