Bliss - Ecstasy of Pain 2019 retouch

Bliss - Ecstasy of Pain 2019 retouch

Tonight I retouched a 2018 remaster photo on a couple things that were bothering me. They may not be noticeable at first but in the first photo the face/eye above the nose was further out from the face. I blended this further in. Also I added more lines within the hair and diffused blurred it. Also I blurred the lines around the tentacles and skin quite a bit from the original piece. I altered the chin line slightly upwards as well which was the biggest thing I was wanting to change in the work. Lastly I added a bit of a lighting effect to the picture. 

The below comparison the one on the left is from 2018 while the one on the right is from today.

And here is the current version by itself a bit larger.


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